Apple Pickin'

On Saturday morning we loaded up miss Emma Claire and drove 30 minutes west to an apple orchard. The last time we visited Stribling Orchard I was 30someodd weeks pregnant, freezing cold, and a little over the apple picking from the get go. This time the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny, and I was too busy chasing a toddler around to NOT have fun! We had a blast.


We met up with some sweet friends from church. 

 The guys. They didn't want to stop apple picking to take pictures. Too bad I made them. ;-)

For a fun we are the last time we went apple picking, almost TWO years ago!

Time really does fly. I cannot believe that the above picture was taken TWO years ago! 

Emma Claire was obviously a fan. And her little cord dress is from baby Gap and has apple buttons. TO DIE FOR! Too cute!

I love this one. 

This cute little store is home to some amazing apple dishes. When you walk by and smell the heavenly cinnamon aroma it's hard to resist! Emma Claire got a pumpkin spice doughnut, I chose the famous apple turnover, and the husband got some apple bread. We were all happy with our decisions. 

And of course we had to hug some pumpkins. 

Now here's a funny story. Emma Claire ran right up to this pumpkin squealing and pointing, "TURTEY TURTEY!!!" Which means; "TURKEY TURKEY!!" ha! I was cracking up. It really DOES look like a turkey! 


 This next picture is one of my favorites I've ever taken. We had a little picnic lunch after apple picking and doughnut eating and I snapped this while Emma Claire was praying. I just love it. The dirty little fingers, the way she is squeezing them together, the fact that she bows her head...I love it all. I pray ever day that she continues to pray this way and grows in her relationship with God as she grows.

Cuddling with Daddy, and enjoying Cheetos for the first time ever. She was a fan. 

Little shoes and daddy's boots. And some Cheetos. She was livin' the life, y'all. 

 We had a blast and can't wait to go back. We may head out to the orchard again once the weather is cool again. I am loving doing these fun fall activities with Emma Claire this year. The enjoyment she gets out of them makes them 100 times more fun. I love this age.


Emily said...

Such precious pictures! I LOVE the one of EC praying. It's so sweet!

Beth Ann said...

Love the pics! You're so adorable in that pregnant pic!

Ashleigh said...

How fun! I love the photos..


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