Hey There!

This past week our little family took a vacation to south Georgia. That's where the husband was born and raised, and it was about time we made a trip down there. I have lots of pictures to share but for now here are some from a day that EC and I spent walking around my in-laws property and exploring.

My brother in laws used this jeep for their Pi Kappa Phi fraternity float in the Baylor homecoming parade a few years back. Now it's living in Georgia by the pond. So you know Emma Claire had to climb up inside and drive it. ;-)

This picture is one of my favorites of the trip. Obviously that steering wheel was just a bit dirty.

We washed her hands off in the pond and headed towards their new barn towards the back of the property. I saw this awesome siding and could just picture a picture of Emma Claire in front of it...however, this isn't quite what I had in mind. Oh toddlerhood.

I do love this one though. 

"Momma I hode you?" Melt my heart

I laid down to get a better angle for her picture. So she did the same. My mini me,

Her favorite thing to do? "Pick bark!" Goofball. She could do this for hours!

I feel like she looks like a teenager most days, however when that sweet little neck roll appears...she turns into a baby all over again. 


Emily said...

The dirty hands picture is just precious. Love these!

MIssissippi Mrs. said...

I lovvvve the dirty hands picture. Girl, I know I've asked before but I'm shopping for a new camera. Which one do you have?


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